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Document Number:569528275
Functional Area: Support Center Recommendations
Subfunctional Area: General
Sub-Subfunctional Area: Facsimile Support for IBM i
OS/400 Release:7.1
Product: 5798FAX
Product Release:V5R7M0 ; R570
Date Last Reviewed:03/05/2015 12:00:00 AM

Topic: Facsimile Support for IBM i


These recommendations are based upon your system already having installed the most current Cumulative PTF Package, HIPER PTF Group, and Database PTF Group. For further information or to order these PTFs, you should follow this link:

The Rochester Support Center recommends installing the group and individual fixes listed below for corrective service and preventative maintenance. If a problem persists after the recommended fixes have been installed, the Rochester Support Center can more efficiently diagnose the problem and additional fixes may be recommended.

The following PTFs are recommended for IBM Facsimile Support for i, product 5798FAX V5R7M0 (R570). This version of the product will run on 7.1 i5/OS (V7R1M0 or R710) and 6.1 i5/OS (V6R1M0 or R610).


Date Added to List (MM/DD/YYYY)Fix
(Link to PTF Cover Letter)
Program Product
Cumulative PackageDescription
04/09/2010SI386885798FAXC0096710No data received.
04/09/2010SI387825798FAXC0096710CFGFAXSRV does not run.
04/09/2010SI388245798FAXC0096710Resend fax fails.
06/17/2014SI502935798FAX*NONEProvides enhancement for MR to MMR compression CPD6B92.
10/15/2012SI476655798FAXC3037710New Hardware LPW BELL2 support.
Only needed if using the new hardware.

Note: To determine which version of the Facsimile Support product is installed, use the GO LICPGM command, and select Option 10 Display Installed Licensed Programs. Page down until product 5798FAX IBM Facsimile Support for iSeries is shown. Press F11=Display Release once to display the release field.

Also recommended to obtain latest Print PTFs from our Recommended Fixes Web page:

Recommended Hardware Related PTFs
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    Show details for 7852-400 Modems7852-400 Modems
    Show details for 576C Modems576C Modems
    Show details for IOP-Less Environment PTFsIOP-Less Environment PTFs

    Important Information
    The Rochester Support Center recommends that all PTFs be applied before configuring or reconfiguring new hardware.

    Run the ENDFAXSPT command before applying PTFs.

    Installation / Upgrade Considerations
    For special instructions, review the cover letter for each PTF.

    For information on using Fix Central to download or order PTFs, refer to the following document:

    N1019058, Fix Central Step-by-Step Order instructions

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