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IBM iDoctor for IBM i is a suite of performance tools that can be used by the performance expert or novice to collect, investigate and analyze performance data on Power Systems. The tools are used to monitor overall system health at a high "overview" level or to drill down to the performance details within job(s), disk unit(s) and/or programs over data collected during performance situations.

IBM iDoctor for IBM i is frequently used by the IBM i Global Support Center, the IBM System i Benchmark Center and IBM Systems Lab Services, along with customers and consultants to help solve complex performance issues quickly. Feedback from these regular iDoctor tool users continues to help shape the enhancements and new function incorporated into iDoctor components and features.

You must read and accept the license terms for iDoctor before using. These terms are present in the install program or here.

Last updated 15 Sep 2016

Click here for the dates when the server libraries were last uploaded to our FTP site.

New User Install Tips

Before installing the iDoctor GUI for the first time you are required to install the Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable package and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

Note: To avoid problems, save the download to your PC, then right-click it and use the 'Run as administrator' option. Be sure to download the x86 image (32-bit). Note: Some users claim that installing the x64 (64-bit) option is required, but have not yet confirmed this. If you are having issues getting the iDoctor install to let you continue the installation because it thinks MS Visual Studio redistributable package is not installed, then go ahead and install both x86 and x64.

The install process has changed so that the server images are downloaded by the install program when it runs on your PC. Server build dates shown by the install program are listed here. These dates are the dates the save files were created and may not necessarily match the dates within data area QIDRVRM or the iDoctor properties. Click here for the install FAQ page.

IBM iDoctor for IBM i Job Watcher

       IBM iDoctor for IBM i Job Watcher-Collection Services Investigator
       IBM iDoctor for IBM i Job Watcher-Disk Watcher
       IBM iDoctor for IBM i Job Watcher-Plan Cache Analyzer

IBM iDoctor for IBM i PEX Analyzer

IBM iDoctor for IBM i GUI Support Library

IBM iDoctor Power Connections

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