IBM Prerequisite: Hardware Feature Code 3586

IBM Prerequisite

Feature Prerequisites POWER5 & POWER6 Systems POWER7 Systems Software
Feature prerequisite information
Machine type(s) supported 8203, 8204, 8234, 9117, 9119, 9125
Feature code 3586
Description 69GB 3.5" SAS Solid State Drive
Model(s) supported E4A, E8A, EMA, MMA, FHA, F2A
Initial feature announce date 04/2009
Information last updated 20 Apr 2014 02:00 AM
Other information When this drive is installed in any of features codes 5802, 5803 or 5873 the SAS Enclosure Services firmware in the drawer must be updated to level 0081 or higher.

- For IBM i the firmware is applied with PTF MF47617 for IBM i 6.1 and MF47618 for IBM i 6.1.1.
- For AIX and Linux on Power go to the IBM FixCentral web site.
- Select Product Group "Power"
- Select "Firmware and HMC"
- Select your Machine type and model
- Select "Device Firmware"
- Select by device feature code
- Choose the feature code of your drawer (5802, 5803 or 5873)
- Find and install SAS Enclosure Services for FC 5802, 5803, 5873 Version 0081 or higher

OS information
Code type/OS Version/Release Fix level Other information
server firmware FW3.4.2 EA340_075, EL340_075 , EM340_075, ES340_075, EH340_075
HMC firmware V7R3.4.0 Service Pack 2 MH01162
Power Firmware V3.4.2 EB340_078, EP340_078
AIX 5L Version 5.3 5300-10
AIX 5L Version 5.3 5300-09 SP4
AIX 5L Version 5.3 5300-08 SP7
AIX 5L Version 5.3 5300-07 SP9
AIX Version 6.1 6100-03
AIX Version 6.1 6100-02 SP4
AIX Version 6.1 6100-01 SP5
AIX Version 6.1 6100-00 SP9
RHEL 4.7
RHEL 5.2
PowerVM Virtual I/O Server FP21
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