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Feature prerequisite information
Machine type(s) supported 8203, 8204, 8234, 9117, 9119, 9125
Feature code 5708
Description 10Gb FCoE PCIe Dual Port Adapter
Model(s) supported E4A, E8A, EMA, MMA, FHA, F2A
Initial feature announce date 10/2009
Information last updated 15 Jan 2017 02:02 AM
Other information

OS information
Code type/OS Version/Release Fix level Other information
AIX 5L Version 5.3 5300-11
AIX Version 6.1 6100-04
RHEL 5.4
PowerVM Virtual I/O Server FP22
server firmware FW3.5.0 EA350_038, EL350_038, EM350_038, ES350_038, EH350_038
HMC Firmware V7R3.5.0 MH01195
Power Firmware V3.5.0 EB350_034, EP350_034
IBM i 7.1 IBM i 7.1 with i 7.1.0 machine code: RS710-00 OS & (RS710-B LIC or Technology Refresh 1 (PTF Group SF99707)) C0229710 Support of this feature with IBM i requires VIOS 2.2 or later
IBM i 6.1 IBM i 6.1 with i 6.1.1 machine code - i 6.1.1: RS610-10 OS & RS611-C LIC C0215610 Support of this feature with IBM i requires VIOS 2.2 or later