Power Enterprise Pools

Download the current configuration file for the pool.

Power Enterprise Pools provide flexibility for systems that operate together as a pool of resources. Mobile activations are available for use on Power 770, 780, 795, E870, E880 and E980 systems and can be assigned to any system in a predefined pool by the user with simple HMC commands.

This simplicity of operations can aid in providing continuous application availability during maintenance windows. Not only can workloads easily move to alternate systems but the activations can move as well.

To download the pool configuration file enter the following information for a system that is a member of the pool and click Submit.

Download Pool XML Configuration file

IMPORTANT for Power Enterprise Pools (PEP) Automatic Feature Conversions (Feature codes EME0 for memory and EPE0 for processor) on POWER8 servers (9119-MME and 9119-MHE) ordered via MES orders:
EME0 and EPE0 provide both client operational and sales administration benefits. These feature codes automatically generate the removal codes for the static activations which are being converted to mobile activations and put everything into the XML configuration file. Then as long as you are at the minumum FW levels ** or later the conversions are handled without the client manually intervening and with no impact to partitions when the XML file is loaded. Without this enhancement the static deactivations must be handled manually as follows:
1) If there are inactive resources on the server you can move mobile resources to the server, prior to deactivating the static resources, to free the static resources.
2) Ensure that the number of available resources on the server is greater than or equal to the number of static resources to be deactivated. If not, partitions must be downsized to free static activations.
3) Enter the static activation removal code on the HMC.
Note that "mobile-enabled" activations are classified as static activations in the above words.

EME0 and EPE0 are automatically defaulted onto the MES conversion order by e-config, but e-config is not aware of your firmware levels. You need to remove EME0 and EPE0 from the MES order if your server and HMC are not at the minumum FW levels** or later, the XML configuration file will ship from IBM , but it will fail when you try to apply it. You will then need to contact pcod@us.ibm.com and manually handle the static deactivations.
** Minumum FW levels: 780.50, 820.50, 830.40, and 840.00. HMC:V8R8.4.0