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Problem Report

Problem Report


Comments, suggestions and questions

Your comments, suggestions and questions are very important to us. Though you may not get a direct response from us, all feedback will be reviewed and evaluated in a timely manner.

We would also appreciate hearing about where the Energy Estimator played a key role in a customer purchase decision or helping to close a sale. Please share your feedback on this too if possible.

To share feedback, click on the link below to enter a question on the WLE Feedback and Questions Forum. Our development team monitors this forum to help you.

IBM Systems Workload Estimator and Energy Estimator Community

Try this first

Before reporting a problem, examine the following checklist:

Providing feedback and reporting a problem

Please use this mechanism to provide feedback for the IBM Systems Energy Estimator team. If you are reporting a problem, please tell us about the problem you found by filling in the form below and clicking on the 'Submit' button at the bottom. This will open your default e-mail program to send this information to the Estimator team. From your default e-mail program, you are encouraged to attach documentation that will enable the Estimator team to more effectively respond to the problem.

Description of Problem:

In as much detail as possible, describe what you were doing in the program when the problem occurred; on what page; and, if appropriate, what you expected to happen. Also include as much information as possible about the system configuration you were defining along with the input values you specified. If possible, please include the approximate time of day you ran the Estimator, and an approximate number of attempts you made to execute the function.

Note: If you are including a description of an error, please attach the "Save configuration" XML file, the import file (if applicable), and a description of how to reproduce the error. Thank you.

Steps to Recreate the Problem: