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** Last updated on December 6, 2002 **                          
NOTE:  The latest modifications are marked with a "*" in the    
first column.  The changes made on December 6, 2002 were only  
to the format and not the content.                              
This information is for all releases of Client Access          
Express for Windows, now called "iSeries Access for Windows"    
in V5R2.                                                        
The following servers are used by Client Access Express for    
Windows.  In addition to the servers listed, the Port Mapper    
(Port 449) is also used by all functions.  However, if the      
user changes the Connection properties for an iSeries connection
so that "Where to look up Remote Port" is set to "Standard" or  
"Local," then the Port Mapper will not be used.  In addition,  
if a DNS server is to be accessed, Port 53 should be made      
available to the client.                                        
NOTE:  The port number in parentheses is the one used to        
 connect to the server via SSL (encrypted session).            
 See more notes after the following list of servers.            
SERVER:  Port Mapper                                            
DEFAULT PORT:  449                                              
DESCRIPTION:   Port mapper returns the port number              
    for the requested server                                    
SERVER:  Sign-on                                                
DEFAULT PORT:  8476 (9476)                                      
DESCRIPTION:   Sign-on server is used for every Client Access  
   connection to authenticate users and to change passwords    
SERVER:  Central                                                
DEFAULT PORT:  8470 (9470)                                      
DESCRIPTION:  Central server is used when a Client Access      
   license is required, and also for downloading translation    
SERVER:  Data Queue                                            
DEFAULT PORT:   8472 (9472)                                    
DESCRIPTION:  Data Queue server allows access to the AS/400    
   data queues, used for passing data between applications.    
SERVER:  Database                                              
DEFAULT PORT:  8471 (9471)                                      
DESCRIPTION:  Database server is used for accessing the        
   AS/400 database.                                            
SERVER:  Remote Command                                        
DEFAULT PORT:  8475 (9475)                                      
DESCRIPTION:  Remote command server is used to send commands    
   from a PC to an AS/400 and for program calls                
SERVER:   File                                                  
DEFAULT PORT:   8473 (9473)                                    
DESCRIPTION:  File Server is used for accessing                
   any part of the AS/400 file system                          
SERVER:  Print                                                  
DEFAULT PORT:  8474 (9474)                                      
DESCRIPTION:  Printer Server is used to access                  
   printers known to the AS/400                                
SERVER:  Web Admin                                              
DEFAULT PORT:  2001 (2010)                                      
DESCRIPTION:  Used to access web applications                  
   served by the AS/400                                        
SERVER:  DDM                                                    
DEFAULT PORT:  446 (448)                                        
DESCRIPTION:  DDM server is used to access data                
   via DRDA and for record level access                        
SERVER:  Telnet                                                
DEFAULT PORT:  23 (992)                                        
DESCRIPTION:  Telnet server is used to access 5250 emulation    
SERVER:  NetServer                                              
DEFAULT PORT:  137, 138, 139, 8474                              
DESCRIPTION:  AS/400 NetServer allows access to                
   AS/400 integrated file system from Windows PCs              
SERVER:  USF                                                    
DEFAULT PORT:   8480                                            
DESCRIPTION:  Ultimedia services are used for multimedia data  
SERVER:  LDAP                                                  
DEFAULT PORT:  389 (636)                                        
DESCRIPTION:  Provides a network directory service              
SERVER:  Mgmt Central                                          
DEFAULT PORT:  5555 (5566)  5544  5577                          
DESCRIPTION:   Management Central server is used                
   to manage multiple AS/400s in a network    (See Note 5)      
Note 1: Ports 449, 8xxx, and 9xxx can be started with the      
        STRHOSTSVR *ALL command.  The others need to be started
        individually, or can be set to autostart when TCP/IP is
        started (as can 449, 8xxx, and 9xxx).                  
Note 2: Although 8474 is listed next to NetServer, it is only  
        used internally so does not have to be set in your      
        firewall IP filtering.  However, that server (print    
        server) must be started for NetServer to work properly.
Note 3: If any applications are registered under Application    
        Administration, then the remote command server will be  
        required in addition to what is listed below.          
Note 4: Port 5544 is required only on V5R1 and later systems    
        and is used for both non-SSL and SSL traffic.          
        Port 5577 is only required for SSL connections          
        between the "central" system and "endpoint" systems.    
The following is a list of iSeries Access for Windows functions
and which servers are used by those functions:                  
FUNCTION:  PC5250 display and printer emulation                
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Central, Telnet                        
FUNCTION:  Data Transfer                                        
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Central, Database                      
FUNCTION:  Base Operations Navigator Support                    
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Remote Command                          
FUNCTION:  All Operations Navigator function                    
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Remote Command, File, Print,            
   Database, Web Admin, Mgmt Central, USF, NetServer,          
   LDAP, Data Queue                                            
FUNCTION:  ODBC                                                
SERVERS USED:   Sign-on, Database                              
FUNCTION:  OLE DB                                              
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Database, DDM, Remote Command,          
   Data Queue                                                  
FUNCTION:  AFP Viewer                                          
SERVERS USED:  Sign-on, Print                                  
FUNCTION:  Client Access Install                                
SERVERS USED:  NetServer                                        
FUNCTION:  Incoming Remote Command                              
SERVERS USED:  Uses no specific server, and AS/400              
   port will vary.  PC-side port is 512                        
FUNCTION:  Fax support                                          
SERVERS USED:   Sign-on, Print                                  
FUNCTION:  Management Central                                  
SERVERS USED:                                                  
   Required:  Mgmt Central, Signon, Remote Command              
   Optional:  Data Queue, File                                  
For other applications that use Client Access APIs, the sign-on
server will be needed, as well as whatever servers support      
the specific APIs being used.                                  
DISCLAIMER:  This list could potentially change in future      
releases, or even in service packs.  If you find that an        
additional server is accessed that is not mentioend here,      
please send a note to LLHIRSCH@us.ibm.com and include          
"Update to II12227" in the subject line.  We will update        
the chart.  Also, be aware that the port numbers listed        
above are just the default values.  System administrators      
have the ability to map these to different port numbers.        

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