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07/22/2016PrintObject.getStringAttribute() vs PrintObject.getSingleStringAttribute() (Jack Woehr)
07/21/20161Hide details for Support TAPE commands in JT400 (Anonymous)Support TAPE commands in JT400 (Anonymous)
(Jack Woehr 07/22)
07/13/20163Hide details for Truncation exception on read (Anonymous)Truncation exception on read (Anonymous)
Hide details for Truncation exception on read  (John Eberhard 07/18)Truncation exception on read (John Eberhard 07/18)
Hide details for trace result  (Anonymous 07/19)trace result (Anonymous 07/19)
Trace analysis (John Eberhard 07/21)
06/28/20161Hide details for SQL 0204 (Anonymous)SQL 0204 (Anonymous)
SQL0204 (John Eberhard 06/29)
05/31/20161Hide details for Delete IFS subfolders (Anonymous)Delete IFS subfolders (Anonymous)
(wanghuiq 05/31)
05/23/20161Hide details for SQL0443 with jtopen 9.0 on WSJdbcResultSet.next (Marie-F Incardona)SQL0443 with jtopen 9.0 on WSJdbcResultSet.next (Marie-F Incardona)
SQL0443 with jtopen 9.0 (John Eberhard 05/24)
04/20/2016Assays on JT400 (nihate)
04/12/20161Hide details for Spooler content duplicate all data (Juan)Spooler content duplicate all data (Juan)
(Dale M 04/20)
04/11/20162Hide details for IntrospectionException: Method not found: setLastModified (Kevin Kruse)IntrospectionException: Method not found: setLastModified (Kevin Kruse)
Hide details for JDK beans behavior change  (John Eberhard 04/11)JDK beans behavior change (John Eberhard 04/11)
It works! (Kevin Kruse 04/13)
04/06/20165Hide details for Trying to build from scratch (Luca)Trying to build from scratch (Luca)
Hide details for Building JTOpen  (John Eberhard 04/07)Building JTOpen (John Eberhard 04/07)
Hide details for (Luca 04/08)(Luca 04/08)
Hide details for Building JTOpen  (John Eberhard 04/11)Building JTOpen (John Eberhard 04/11)
Hide details for Re: Building JTOpen  (Luca 04/13)Re: Building JTOpen (Luca 04/13)
jui400.jar (John Eberhard 04/13)
03/29/20162Hide details for Toolbox/JTOpen 9.0 is available (wanghuiq)Toolbox/JTOpen 9.0 is available (wanghuiq)
Hide details for Mac version?  (Dale M 03/30)Mac version? (Dale M 03/30)
Re: Mac version? (wanghuiq 03/31)
03/25/2016Call pgm java been generation tool (Anonymous)
03/23/201678Show details for use of wrong datatype (Timo Schwarz)use of wrong datatype (Timo Schwarz)