About Discussion

What does this database do?

A workgroup can use this database to share their thoughts and ideas. Almost any group that has information to share among its members can use a discussion database. An engineering group can discuss the products they are designing. An advertising agency can discuss the ad campaigns they are developing. A special interest group can share ideas and opinions on their common interests.

To get started, a user can simply browse through discussion topics and responses that others have contributed. This is particularly useful for new workgroup members who need to come up to speed on important issues that the group is working on. The history of discussion about these issues is preserved in the group's discussion database.

A user can also take a more active role in the discussion by composing his/her own responses to others' comments and by proposing new main topics for discussion.

You can think of a discussion database as an informal meeting place, where the members of a workgroup can share ideas and comments. Like a physical meeting, each member of the workgroup listens to what others have to say and can voice his/her own opinions. However, unlike a physical meeting, the participants do not have to be in the same room at the same time to share information. People can participate when it is convenient for them to do so. And because it is easy for them to share information, they will do so.

Who will use this database?

All the members of a workgroup should use the group's discussion database. Some users will just follow the main topics and responses that other members have contributed. More active users will compose their own main topics and responses.

This template is designed for users accessing the information either from a Notes client or a web browser. All features are available to both types of users. See the Database Using document for more information on how to use the discussion features from a web browser.

When to use this database?

Use the database when you have time: a free moment between meetings, after hours, while traveling.

Where to find more information?

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