Power Enterprise Pools

Download the current configuration file for the pool.


Power Enterprise Pools provide flexibility for systems that operate together as a pool of resources. Mobile activations are available for use on Power 770, 780 and 795 systems and can be assigned to any system in a predefined pool by the user with simple HMC commands.

This simplicity of operations can aid in providing continuous application availability during maintenance windows. Not only can workloads easily move to alternate systems but the activations can move as well.

To download the pool configuration file enter the following information for a system that is a member of the pool and click Submit.

Download Pool XML Configuration file

IMPORTANT for PEP Automatic Feature Conversions (FCs EME0 for memory and EPE0 for processor) on Power8 servers (9119-MME and 9119-MHE) ordered via MES orders:
You must be at System Server Firmware Level of 840.00 or higher (for ALL the servers in the pool) AND HMC Firmware Level of 840.00 or higher to download the xml configuration file or it will FAIL. If you are NOT at System Server Firmware and HMC Level 840.00 on ALL the servers in the pool, you must contact pcod@us.ibm.com PRIOR to downloading the xml configuration file.

EXAMPLE: Command Line to run (that gets ALL the servers in the pool and displays their running firmware level):
for frame in `lscodpool --level sys --id PPPP -Fname`;
do echo -n "FRAME:" $frame "FIRMWARE: " ;
lslic -m $frame -Fcurr_spname_primary;done

EXAMPLE: Output:
FRAME: Server-9119-MME-SNxxxxxx FIRMWARE: FW840.00
FRAME: Server-9119-MME-SNxxxxxx FIRMWARE: FW840.00